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Old Tricks, video/animations, 2018

This work consists of playful, yet thoughtful animations that explore the connection between physicality and memory.

This work reflects on gathered knowledge that gets stored away in our brains yet is rarely used. (This idea was partly inspired by the abundance of self-storage units in the inland northwest.) I chose to explore aspects that once defined who I was, looking specifically at two skill sets that I no longer utilize or need in my current life. One of these skills is from childhood - the body maneuvering skill of getting through a barbed wire fence. The second skill, painting, is a skill that once occupied a significant part of my adult life. Even though I currently don’t need or use these skills, my body memory can recall them when put to the task.

This work also questions the implications of social and physical interactions with the visual separation of the body’s action and the fence’s reaction. The body is left looking silly, with a repeated awkward struggle - the fence is maybe empowered, able to adapt and restructure itself despite the constant stress.