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These images represent my interest in video performance, audience, landscape, and working with digital media.

An act is recorded with a video camera. The act itself is the result of having strict perimeters that directly relate to environment combined with having no plan other than those perimeters (chaos-control, concious-unconcious).

In this case the recorded act involved a tree on top of a hill. I visited the same location every week for 14 weeks and recorded the same act – a walk to the tree and back.

The first part of these works involved this action and how it progressed through out the weeks – the body in landscape. The second part involved the study of the recordings and the consideration of form through digital processes.

In this case it is channeled into two parts – the still image and the moving image. The still image is developed from one frame of the many that were once on tape. It becomes the ground, the place to return to. It could represent the known. It also can represent the fantasy. It also, as a still, contains a certain power that a linear sequential set of images does not. It provides a place for a viewer to enter, but does not have a beginning nor an end. It is a moment from the in between.

The moving image represents the inability to ever sustain a single moment but also acknowledges that our continuous moving existence is based upon repetitions and memories of past moments. The video sequence is also meant to play with expectations - to provide enough but never completely fulfill.

The combination of these two images layered as one (projected moving image on printed still image) is meant to create something that shimmers in and out of consciousness. Moments hover over one another, coming together in brief seconds, meant to emulate the brief moments in life when things line up. Slow transitions also occur, one may notice or not. It can be experienced in moments; time away actually reveals its changes.

These works are the result of one combination from the many possibilities that working digitally provides. Working with digital information means that ideas, information, and images change form based on the perimeters of situation and environment. That my work never settles within a solid form means there is greater potential for everything.
The Tree Project, Video stills, 2006
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Beginnings and Endings, single channel video, 2006
Tree Project Works, Installation View, 2006

This exhibition features three major works that involve projected image on a still image.
Installation View, digital print and video projection, 2006
Installation View, digital print and video projection, 2006
Installation View, digital print and video projection, 2006
Destination, digital print and video projection, 2006
Hesitation, digital print and video projection, 2006
Approach, digital print and video proejction, dyptich, 2006
Hesitation, detail, 2006
Destination, detail, 2006
Hard & Easy Things, video installation (projection & monitors), 2006
Hard & Easy Things, video installation, 2006
Ascent (nine channel video), installation view, 2006