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Old Tricks, video projection and animations, 2018

This work reflects on gathered and held knowledge that is stored in our brains. In particular the learned experiences that then become practiced actions of maneuvering through life. I wanted to explore aspects of myself that once defined who I was, looking specifically at two skill sets that I no longer utilize or need in my current life. One of these skills is from childhood - the body maneuvering skill of getting through a barbed wire fence. The second skill, painting, is a skill that once occupied a significant part of my adult life.

Even though I don't need or use these skills, I preserve memory space for them in my brain. Memories are intrinsically connected to the body; this work also explores this relationship in different ways. Digital Art needs a device or a way for it to be experienced and seen. Data files are just data files without the hardware and software to interpret it into something visual. Bodies and brains are the same.

These works also refer to the two ways digital visual imagery is created, raster and vector. The characteristics of raster-based imagery is shown in the painterly projections, the clean graphic qualities of vector imagery are seen in the animations.