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My work is involves many processes, from traditional to experimental, but always engages the use of digital technology. To me, the process of creating, saving and then using digital matter emulates how our own experiences are translated to memory and stored in our brains. Just as there is a balance between the mind and the body for our existence, I find a balance between the physical forms of my work and the digital process it took to make it.

Though my work seems varied in medium and content, there is always a connection to American history, physicality and an emphasis on everyday lives. I like to find clues of inner psyche through the display of physical evidence. Like a forensic scientist looking at bones to discover how someone died or lived, or a cultural anthropologist looking at the remains of a civilization for historical truth. I do this but on a much smaller mundane scale. I’m interested in the stuff of contemporary lives, the things in the present. These observations can be piles of trash or the books on a bookshelf or subtle twitches of body language.

Recent projects/shows:
Old Tricks
Studies of Home
Old Tricks

Projection still, variation II, 2018
All-American, installation view

The Shotguns
Saranac Art Projects, September 2017
PushPull, five channel video and sound installation

installation view, Object Space, Spokane WA, July 2016
Passageways, multiple channel video projection, 2015

This projection was part of Windowdressing, a public arts project of Spokane WA.
The Living Room, interactive installation, 2015

Saranac Art Projects, Spokane WA, April 2015